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Footage about Richard Hammond with the Concept One in Switzerland: Link here to special site


We were happy to host you, the Grand Tour Team as well as the Rimac Team during your awfully dangerous days in Switzerland. We hope that you come back soon with the brandnew Rimac Concept Two or another Hypercar.

More about the Rimac concept one car More about the crash
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10. Dezember 2017

HONDA R&D EUROPE installs bidirectional coffee@charge system

5. Dezember 2017

Zur Website powered by P3 TV during evs30 

Marco Piffaretti, owner of Protoscar AG in Southern Switzerland, Co-Founder of EVTEC AG and Gotthard Fastcharge AG, interviewed by Peter Schwierz, powered by P3 studio during 2017s international congress and exhibition evs30 in Stuttgart, Germany about emobility in Switzerland and the latest developments and market tendencies.

view youtube



EV charging infrastructure installation guide

19. Oktober 2017

Due to a initiative of Geneva and Ticino a new online guide "eMobility Suisse" was created by Protoscar AG and IFEC Ingeneria AG. Its a treasure of information about installing EV infrastructure in French, Italian and German Language availing online-resources of the associations "Swiss E-mobility" and "TCS" combining practical experience with helpful advice to a diverting booklet

Link to Website



updated espresso&charge with Type 2 DC plug

9. Oktober 2017

Since this years international gathering "evs30" in Stuttgart EVTEC decided to offer a special espresso&charge version with Type 2 plug for DC charging; yes right, this standard is currently only utililzed by one supplier. Starting 2018 the swiss highway charge network GOFAST (Gottardo Fastcharge AG) is destined to offer customers of this brand a Type 2 DC plug at its stations. The DC type 2 plug will be limited to 50kW charge capacity. But the 150kW fastcharger espresso&charge is the universal platform with a simple technological attitude: to charge each vehicle as fast as possible. The cars which are currently charged via DC Type 2 sockets are the first cars on the market to utilize the full charge capacity of the espresso&charge technology.

Zum Beitrag

Beitrag Tele1 Nachrichten 31.08.2017: 1. Autoschnellladestation



innogy Greenfuel und EVTEC


"The potential for private users of the greenfuel concept is demonstrated at a residential home of pioneer users  Equipped with a photovoltaic power supply and a Mercedes-Benz Home storage solution the house enjoys already a certain level of energetic autarcy. At times where the stored energy turns out to be insufficient,  the fuel-cell-car steps in. By utilizing a EVTEC bidirectional charger and the KIWIGRID intelligent energy management system, this car is not limited any longer to be charged with the locally produced solar power from the house only, it is even more capable to produce energy in its fuel-cell in order to recharge the batterystorage of the house the other way around. The car turns into a sustainable micro power plant for home users."

check out the greenfuel website

Beitrag Tele1 Nachrichten 31.08.2017: 1. Autoschnellladestation

Tele1 News Coverage espresso&charge Lucerne

31. August 2017

Louis Palmer, the internationally well known host of eCar race WAVE, recharges his electric tourist bus with green energy of the local energy supplier ewl at the new espresso&charge fastcharger at the Verkehrshaus Lucerne.

Link to WAVE trophy

Local electric service provider installs our espresso&charge at the Museum Luzerner Verkehrshaus

31. August 2017

EVTEC AG appreciates and thanks our customers the local power service company ewl for the installation of the new high power charger in the City of Lucerne at the scenic location at the Lake Lucerne.

More information in german language:

Website des ewl zur neuen Ladesäule

Informationen f√ľr Medienvertreter

GOtthard FASTcharge opens next "supercharger for everybody" in Lugano


In the world famous City of Lugano, T√ģcino, the latest "supercharger for everybody" featuring the EVTEC 150kW espresso&charge 170-1000V was opened. Directly above the Mc Donald Restaurant, Via alla Sguancia 9, Pambio Noranco. The initiators met for a fast charge and lunch in order to check the versatility and speed of the new recharging opportunity for electric vehicle drivers. Left to right in the illustration: Marco Piffaretti (President GOttardo FASTcharge SA), Marco Zambonini (McDonald), Marco Borradori (Lord Major of the City of Lugano), Dolores Bejic (McDonald) und Domenic Lanz (CEO GOttardo FASTcharge SA).¬© Ti-Press / Benedetto Galli

For italian press: Lugano inaugurazione GOFAST stazione di ricarica rapide per auto elettriche presso il Ristorante McDonald. Nella foto da sinistra Marco Piffaretti Presidente GOttardo FASTcharge SA, Marco Zambonini (McDonald), il Sindaco di Lugano Marco Borradori, Dolores Bejic (McDonald) e Domenic Lanz CEO GOttardo FASTcharge SA. © Ti-Press / Benedetto Galli

Per i clienti nuovi in Ticino: Senza costi di abbonamento mensili, semplifica la ricarica. Registrati oggi e riceverai la carta prepagata e in omaggio un credito iniziale di CHF 30, utilizzabile per ricaricare la tua auto elettrica. Semplicemente inserisci il codice ‚ÄúGOFAST‚ÄĚ nel campo del codice promozionale (offerta valida per i primi 50 iscritti). Prova inoltre la ricarica super rapida a meno di 1 CHF per 100 km alla stazione GOFAST di Lugano Sud presso il ristorante McDonald‚Äôs Pazzallo (promozione valida fino al 17 luglio 2017).

The Rimac Concept 1 at EVTEC and the crash of Richard Hammond


We were happy to host as well the Rimac Team as the Movie teams of "The Grand Tour" during their stay in Switzerland.

More about the car More about the crash
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Honda opens first public 940V charging station at its R&D facilities at Offenbach, Germany

Mai 29th 2017

Offenbach is officially the first publicly available charge point of the latest 940V-high voltage technology. The charging station can serve up to four cars with different connectors simultaneously. The german based Honda R&D Europe facilities installed the¬† espresso&charge 940V with a DC output power of up to 150kW under a avantgardistic Photovoltaik-Carport in the city of Bieber / Offenbach. The site is part of the research- and development project ‚ÄěSmart Company‚Äú. The City of Offenbach with its department of environment, energy and climate sustainability (Amt f√ľr Umwelt, Energie u. Klimaschutz) and the regional projectmanagementcounsil ‚ÄěModellregion Elektromobilit√§t Rhein-Main‚Äú assist this specific project. With the opening ceremonies at Mai 29th the charger is now also publicly available for users. Mr. Bernhard Ma√überg, head of department for mobility in the minstry of economy, energy, traffic and development of the federal state of Hesse appreciates this activity. The lord major of the City of Offenbach arrived in a fuel cell car in order to congratulate to the customized carport solution with latest photovoltaik technology which was tailored for this model charge point.



Energie 360¬į aquires a stake in GOFAST AG

6. März 2017 

The participation of Energie 360¬į complements the shareholder base of the founding shareholders Protoscar AG and EVTEC AG. Protoscar, headquartered in Ticino, contributes 30 years of pioneer work in electric cars. The engineers at EVTEC AG in Lucerne, developers of fast charging stations, guarantee the latest technology and great user-friendliness.¬†

As a new partner, Energie 360¬į is committed to a sensible energy future in Switzerland and provides financial resources and experience to promote the building of a charging network throughout Switzerland with high-performance stations. Rainer Sch√∂ne, Product Management department head, explains: ‚ÄúElectromobility will only be able to grow with a charging infrastructure able to meet demand. We are committed to this. With GOFAST we have found pioneers in electromobility who share our convictions.‚ÄĚ

Lohfelden and Kirchheim (A7, Germany, Kassel area) charging stations of the year

20.2.2017. The user platform is one of germanys most active "e-drivers help yourself-network" and it functions as reliable index of charging stations while travelling europe in a BEV.

The ranking states two of EVTECs superfastchargers on No. 1 and No. 3.

EVTEC would like to say "Thank you" to all contributors and investors, operators and backend-services. 

Article in german: Stromtankstellen des Jahres 2016



Platz 1:¬†SVG Autohof Lohfeldener R√ľssel Platz 3:¬†SVG Autohof Kirchheimer Dreieck



Zurich energy supplier ewz installs "public" charger with credit card payment 

January 2017, Z√ľrich-Wollishofen

At a BP gasstation located at the address Mythenquai 320 in Zurich eDrivers enjoy to recharge their car against simple timerelated rates per minute by banking or credit card now. The system is based on the espresso&charge technology, the first charger capable of charging two DC modes and two AC modes simultaneously and having the capacity of being upgraded to 150kW DC power; installed are currently 6 power modules delivering a DC power output of 60KW CHAdeMO oder CCS Combo 2 and simultaneously 43KW Typ 2 + 22kW Typ 2. thanks ezw. Googlemaps   



Neuwied a. Rhine: 150kW DC + 65kW AC Charger downtown

September 2016. Best location, best charger: Downtown in Neuwied a. Rhein (Germany) not only one, two new 500V 150kW chargers are operated by the local energy supplier Stadtwerke Neuwied. Highend Model espresso&charge with 15 power modules offers two cars a simultaneous charge at CHAdeMO or CCS Combo and additional AC charges at Type 2 plug with 43kW or socket with up to 22kW. The power can be used for one car of up to 150kW. Queuing at charging stations is history.  Neuwied welcomes the car manufacturers of the world.

Read more          Going Electric      Googlemaps



more pictures      goingelectric

First publicly available 150kW DC Charger opens at Gotthard, Stalvedro

Tuesday, August 9th the first "Level 4 charger for the public" is a cooperation between the local energy supplier "Azienda Elettrica Ticinese" and the highway fast charge operator "Gotthard Fastcharge AG".  Read more


First 150kW Fast Charger Europe

Since early June 2016 the Fraunhofer IAO Stuttgart operates the first fully equipped espresso&charge offering up to 150kW DC capacity for 500V cars. 

Kia Soul (the serial model charging up to 70kWh) and Prototype cars are helping to study and understand the operation of real fast chargers. 

Fraunhofer IAO Presse

Thanks for your visit at Powertage Z√ľrich B33

Norways infrastructure for long distance travel was one of the crucial condition for reaching market shares of 25% for electric cars. 

The next step in Switzerland is to offer chargers in cities and along highways. Thats the most probate promotion of e-mobility. As local energy supplier its easy to participate in the positive image of the sportive electric vehicles as big international companies do by aquire e-mobility startups. You just have to cooperate with the local communities and city managements on the way to a sustainable mobility. 



Thank you for your visit at swiss-e-mobility forum

Decembre 2015. In the lounge athmosphere of the postfinance arena Bern, the growing comunity of companies and institutions who promote electric vehicles in Switzerland held already its 6th annual meeting. Guests from Germany and Norway allowed the attendands the direct comparison of the swiss market. The experience of driving an electric vehicle and the feasibility for everday use is moving ¬†into the focus. As well the fleet of available vehicles as the storing capacity of the batteries and therefore the range of the cars is growing. Formerly subsidized business projects are turning into profitable business cases. The modularly upgradable Superfast-Charger espresso&charge of EVTEC is made for saving the best locations for the requirements of the future. Being connected with the userfriendly ‚Äěhubject‚Äú-network simplifies the invoicing. More questions.¬†¬†


November 2015

espresso&charge on A7



July 2015

EVTEC at the Green Salon in Lucerne

EVTEC presented the two charging stations coffee&charge and move&charge at the inspire / suncar booth in Lucerne.


June 2015

Rollout espresso&charge in Kriens Obernau

On 19. June 2015 EVTEC invited customers, partners and other interested parties to the first putting into operation of the new ultra fast charger espresso&charge in Kriens Obernau.

Here are some impressions:


April 2015

Impressions from the Hannover Messe 2015



March 2015

Introducing "espresso&charge"




The new superfast charging station espresso&charge offers, with up to 180kW, a high charging power for today's and future electric vehicles. The modular structure allows implementing a flexible, market-driven capacity expansion for operators of charging stations. espresso&charge supports all fast charging standards and is capable of charging up to four electric vehicles simultaneously. The charging station uses different technologies in order to ensure the stability of the electric grid.

Product Page

Download Factsheet (PDF)

Download Press Release (PDF)

Press Material


August 2014

New EVite EV charging station in Egerkingen

This month the latest EVite EV charge point coffee&charge 3in1 has been established at the Mövenpick Hotel in Egerkingen. Drivers of an EV can supply their vehicle with power at this place. Only last week a Tesla Super Charger has been inaugurated next to the coffee&charge.




August 2014

Impressions of the Swiss Energy Grand Prix in Lignières







Mai 2014

Charge Lounge at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne

On the 24. and 25. June 2014 the Charge Lounge will be presented at the Swiss Museum of Transportation in Lucerne on occasion of the 5. Swiss Forum for Electrical Mobility. EVTEC has developed the charging infrastructure of the Charge Lounge by order of the Fraunhofer Institute.


April 2014

First EVTEC move&charge 3in1 two-user delivered


Our distribution partner for Switzerland, Alpiq E-Mobility AG has delivered the first mobile fast charger move&charge 3in1 two-user to the St. Galler Stadtwerke. The move&charge was presented at the Auto Show St. Gallen.





December 2015

EVTEC at congress e-mobility in Bern

On 7th an 8th December 2015 the international congress on e-mobility took place at te PostFincance Arena in Berne, Switzerland.


April 2014

Charge Lounge powered by EVTEC

at the Hannover Messe 2014



more information about the Charge Lounge you find here


March 2014

2nd World Collaborative Mobility Congress ‚Äěwocomoco‚Äú

On 7 and 8 May 2014, the 2nd international congress on collaborative mobility will take place at the PostFinance-Arena in Berne, Switzerland. This international congress focuses on innovative, shared mobility solutions and addresses new as well as established mobility service providers, IT-developers and private or business-related traffic users. As a platform for topics involving every aspect of innovative shared mobility, the congress provides "food for thought" and puts ‚Äěcollaborative mobility‚Äú under the public spotlight.

More information on wocomoco 

Logo wocomoco

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