coffee&charge 3in1

coffee&charge 3in1 was the first highway fast charger in Switzerland offering charge power in DC modules. Its a comprehensive and userfriendly solution for places with high traffic and presence of up to 60 minutes as highway rest stations, shopping centers, car parks and business parking lots where users dont expect or rely on a full charge rather than a reasonable charge for the time spent on the site.


EVITE Fastcharger coffee&charge at Koelliken Nord Switzerland


coffee&charge started as single CHAdeMO and AC Type 2 charger the first systematic highway network EVITE in Switzerland.

More Info: Read article at going-electric Sept 26, 2012


coffee&charge 3in1 nowadays supports the three major fast charge standards

coffee&charge is the perfect fast charging solution at sites with only little available energy since it can be operated already at a 32A connector.

Offering these standards ensures compatibility to all current and future electric cars. Depending on model, the station serves up to three cars simultaneously and provides each car with a range of 3 km per minute charging time.

combo_small.jpg chademo_small.jpg Type2_small.jpg

Combined Charging
System (CCS)


Type 2


coffee&charge 3in1 in Martign, Switzerland, Location: going-electric

Low Installation and Operating Costs

coffee&charge 3in1 offers an output power of 20kW. Therefore, expensive electrical installation is not required and the power fee for consuming additonal power reservoirs is only slightly going up.

Simple Integration into Your Service Strategy

coffee&charge 3in1 can be personalized according to different requirements. The charging station supports the open source communication standard OCPP. This allows real time remote managment and monitoring of access, billing and operating condition etc. coffee&charge 3in1 supports access and billing solutions without internet connectivity as well, like clearing via smart phone, RFID card (white list), pin code, coins or tokens. Therefore, operators can deliver the best service possible to car owners.

Fast and Easy Installation

coffee&charge 3in1 is easy and inexpensive to deploy. Complex electrical installation is not necessary ‚Äď a standard 32A 400V connection is sufficient. The fast charger can be mounted on an open source foundation (opi2020) or on a surface mounting plate with no on-site construction work.


1user.png 2user.png 3user.png

single-user model

needs 32A 400V grid connection

two-user model

charges up to two cars simultaneously
needs 63A 400V grid connection

three-user model

charges up to three cars simlutaneously
needs 63A 400V grid connection

Swiss Quality

After mobile versions of CHAdeMO and Combined Charging System (CCS) fast chargers, coffee&charge 3in1 is another EVTEC product which meets the highest quality and safety standards. The hardware was developed to withstand a harsh environment (robust design, collision protection, IP54 protection class etc.). The useage of coffee&charge 3in1 is intuitive and user-friendly; e.g. the customer can choose between different languages. coffee&charge 3in1 is designed and produced in Switzerland.

Key Features:

Technical Specifications (single-user model)

Input AC

Grid connection

AC 3-phase

Input voltage range

400 VAC  +/- 10%

Nominal input current

3 x 32 AAC

Input frequency

45 - 65 Hz

1 x AC Output

AC Socket

IEC 62196 Mode 3, Type 2

Nominal AC output power

22 kW

Nominal AC output voltage

400 VAC

Nominal AC output current

3 x 32 AAC


- Residual current operated device

- Overcurrent circuit breaker

- Earth monitoring

2 x DC Output

DC Plugs

Plug 1
Combined Charging System

Plug 2


IEC 62196-3,
4m cable


JEVS G105,
4m cable

Maximum DC output power

20 kW

DC Output voltage range

170-500 VDC (under load: 50-500 VDC)

Maximum DC output current

50 ADC

Power factor (≥ 50% load)

> 0.99


93% at full load


- Short circuit protected

- Overcurrent circuit breaker

- Overvoltage protection

- Low-voltage protection

- Isolation monitoring

- Earth monitoring


Operating temperature

-20°C to +45°C

Storage temperature

-40°C to +85°C

Relative humidity

5% to 95% (without condensation)


IP54 (indoor / outdoor use)

Collission protection

Steel frame painted

Dimensions (D x H x W)

490 x 770 x 2050 mm


Body: 85 kg (depending on options), Frame: 30 kg


Electrical safety

IEC 61851-1, IEC 62479



EN 61000-6-1, -2, -3, 4, EN 61000-3-2


Rev. 0.9.1 (certified)

Combined Charging System (CCS)

DIN 70121 (interoperability test BMW, VW, GM)


Access / payment systems

Smart phone

Coin machine: CHF / EUR / others

Token coin system


RFID system

Remote management

OCPP 1.5

Collision protection

Satin stainless steel frame


Steel construction for foundation opi2020

Surface mounting kit


Adaptor Cable Type 2 Socket – Type1 Connector

Adaptor Cable Type 2 Socket – Tesla Roadster


Ethernet, GSM / GPRS / UMTS or Powerline

Subject to change without prior notice.

Sales Switzerland

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or directly from factory outlet

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Service Italy
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