shop&charge - the classic charger for residential areas

shop&charge is the prototype of a smart AC-charging station for all electric vehicle types, that has been developed for outdoor use i.e. for restaurants and parking lots.

This mode 3 charging station could be setup with up to three attached individual charging plugs to offer a comfortable and quick connection without fishing the onboard cables. Three cars can plug simultaneously, the connection power could be dynamically selectable.

The shop&charge could feature the same color display as access to energy management and control functions as of the high-end espresso&charge class chargers. Whereever a professionally everyday used AC power connection is to be applied, the shop&charge is our idea.

From an initial order size of 20 units we could avail a series production of this device. Let us know your ideas, we help you to develop a individual solution.

Proven quality

The shop&charge idea is based on the eTotem which was installed in over 200 locations in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Austria since 1997 of our design partner Protoscar.

We pursued the idea to develop this charger to a shop&charge prototype, the next generation of this classic smart swiss product.

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Compatible with everything

All  BEV’s,  PHEV’s,  REEV’s  with type  1  and typ 2 (without  the  need  of  any  adapter  cables)  as  well  as  e-scooter,    EV’s  from  the  first  generation  and  vehicles with mode 2 charging cables could be comfortably connected.

Load management

Through its integrated control gateways shop&carge is easily integrated in local load management systems (i.e.: ‚Äěbarista‚Äú) . This helps to prevent local peak demand and to dynamically charge up to three vehicles at the same


Main features of the shop&charge 3.0 idea



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